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The Chase


A short animation about a wolf boy infiltrating Wool Town and causing chaos.


Concept and Inspiration


"The Chase,” is about a lonely wolf boy who isn't given a chance to introduce himself before the sheep citizens flee in fright. An understandable action, but the error these townspeople make is that they are too quick to judge. 

We wanted this film to have a fantastical, storybook feeling to it, which is reflected in both the distinct characters, vibrant landscapes, and an orchestral score infused with a rich variety of instruments. Inspiration for our backgrounds sprung from Europe’s peaceful countryside.

What’s unique about this film is that there were only three people involved: myself, being the writer and director, my sister, Dani Gabriel, who was the animator and Javier Albornoz, our composer. We were small but mighty! Another unique feature are the character designs. Dani calls these original characters, “stibi,” a combination of the Japanese art style called chibi, infused with stick figures, hence their flat physique and rigid but lovable movements.

Awards & Recognition


"The Chase" recognized in Variety for winning "Best Technical Achievement" at the 2019 Miami Film Festival!

Official Selection: Fort Myers Film Festival


The Fort Myers Film Festival is an intelligent independent filmmaker's preferred event to create, unite and showcase the finest artistic cinematic works. The Fort Myers Film Festival is known for world-class swagger and support of local filmmakers. The festival event offers ‘the most vibrant intellectual and edgy crowd to grace Lee County in decades.’ The event has featured hundreds of local filmmakers and is a must attend for cineasts who love indie film and film festivals living in Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties.


Miami Film Festival  (Official Selection and awarded Best Technical Achievement)

March 2019

Founded in 1983, the Miami Film" is an annual film festival in Miami, Florida, that showcases independent American and international films with a special focus on Ibero-American films.


Official Selection: SHORT TO THE POINT Children selection

March 2018

SHORT TO THE POINT (STTP) is an international network of distribution, broadcast, and promotion of short films. "The Chase" was screened in at least 30 cities in Romania.


Official Selection: FL Supercon (Super Geek Film Festival)

July 2017

Supercon is South Florida’s largest comic, anime, gaming and pop convention featuring top industry guests such as William Shatner, Sean Gunn, and Kimberly Brooks. 


Canes Film Festival: Official Selected and selected "Best in Animation"

April 2017

The Canes Film Festival (May 3-6) is a competitive festival open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Motion Pictures Program at UM. The films are juried by a panel of professionals from the film and television industry. Previous judges have included Barry Waldman, David Nutter, Michael Robin, Juan Carlos Coto, Jeff Respress, Charles Vignola, Erin Moyer, David Issacs and many others.

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