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Duo Tales Studio is an award-winning, indie studio managed by two French-American sisters, Chantal & Dani Gabriel. Their love for art and story led to the creation of producing sweet and whimsical short films and now comics. They sell original merchandise from their films on Etsy and at local video game and anime conventions.


Chantal Gabriel

Director, Writer, Producer at Duo Tales Studio

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Chantal was a Series Production Assistant on the series SKULL ISLAND at Powerhouse Animation Studios.


She is the director, writer and producer of all of Duo Tales Studio's short films. She is also writing the comic, WAVES FROM THE HEART, which will be published on WEBTOON in 2024. 

Chantal received her Bachelor of Arts in English/creative writing from the University of Miami and went on to earn her Master's of Fine Arts in Film from the same institution.


Dani Gabriel

Producer, Production Designer, Illustrator at Duo Tales Studio

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Dani Gabriel is a digital artist and freelance illustrator. She earned her AA degree in Art & Art Education at Miami Dade College, and then went on to earn her BFA and MFA degree as a painter / print-maker at the University of Miami. She works as an adjunct art professor teaching 2D courses, and art / cinema appreciation. Besides teaching she also works as a fine artist, if interested, her artwork can be viewed on her other artist site {}.


Dani also tables at art festivals or geek conventions, and freelances for local filmmakers as a poster/print designer.


Dani can be seen drawing charming characters at her desk, binge watching anime or sci-fi shows, wearing fantastical costumes even though it’s not Halloween, or reading books on mythological monsters. 

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