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Waves From The Heart

A WEBTOON comic inspired by mermaid lore
Written by Chantal Gabriel | Illustrated by Dani Gabriel




When a mercreature turns eighteen years old, they leave their home behind and are given one year to find their One True Love. Hisashi, a blue merboy, must prove to his prospective mate that his love is true by shedding a tear that will transform into a pearl. But Hisashi has a problem, he's met lots of prospective mergirls, but his tears won't turn into a pearl! If Hisashi fails to create his pearl before the end of the year, he'll no longer be considered a prospective mate. However, things get complicated when a malicious, scarred-faced fisherman wounds his tail. Unable to swim, Hisashi ends up meeting, Chiharu, the cursed girl from the fishing village. Will Hisashi's injuries heal in time for him to continue searching for his One True Love, or does fate have another path in mind? 

Waves From The heart will be published on WEBTOON in 2023.


Concept Art


Exploring Hisashi's many moods.


Chiharu's facial expressions.


This design will soon be available as a Vinyl sticker on our Etsy shop! 

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